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Hoolii Sales Solutions

Automated sales and commission

The sales and payroll platform is designed with your specifications. Whether you pay a flat rate or a complex tiered commission your portal will automatically calculate payroll. No more spreadsheets and spending countless hours calculating payroll. It’s a simple as submitting your clients excel spreadsheet and within minutes your payroll is complete.

Automated payroll summaries

Hoolii calculates hours, commissions and overrides for agents and managers and creates payroll summaries that are then automatically emailed on the day and time you specify.

Automated Deductions

Hoolii can automatically deduct and track holdback reserves, processing fees, equipment fees, child support payments and much more.

Collaborate using Client Portal

Portals can be set up for managers and staff members which will only give them access to their teams or information you want them to see. Give your people visibility to their employees pay and sales activity.