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Hoolii HR Platform

Automated, Paperless Onboarding

Save your company time, headaches and money. No more printing, scanning, faxing, emailing or data entry. Your recruiting and hiring will run more efficiently with everything you need in one location.

Custom onboarding process

We digitize your onboarding documents and our eSignature process collects all new hire information, photos, IDs, 1099s, W2s and banking information and uploads it into your HR Portal. Documents are stored in an online filing cabinet so that you can view, email or print anytime.

Backgrounds and Drug Screen

Depending on your specific campaign, other processes will be triggered, such as background checks, drug screens, training videos, automated emails to the appropriate HR personnel, and more.

Get connected

Send approved candidates to your 3rd party billing systems, TPV platforms, online rep management and payroll systems and more. Each platform is custom made to your specifications so we can run additional processes as needed or change the order of screening to suit your specific needs.

Manage your records

Access all employee records in on convenient portal. Change employment status, look up addresses, emails phone numbers. It’s all a click away.

Personal Touch

Automatically send out a personalized birthday and work anniversary ecard so you never need worry about missing those special events.